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HP dv2910us (dv2700) – Summary and Conclusions

In short, I believe the dv2910us is a highly recommendable laptop. To the common, casual laptop user, it looks good and gets the job done and can be purchased at a surprisingly good price (the dv2911us, which lacks a Lightscribe drive, was recently on sale at Office Max for only $550 US). To the Linux user, the dv2910us manages to be pretty Linux friendly and offers solid performance with its Intel hardware, although HP probably lacks some of the geeky coolness that Lenovo has. College students will no doubt appreciate (as I do) the fact that its fairly light at five and a half pounds, has a battery life of about two and a half hours, and still manages to be pretty sturdy. Gamers however probably won't be too thrilled by the dv2910us and its integrated Intel graphics card and middle-of-the-road Intel Core 2 Duo.

The only problems I really have, is that the media keys's sensitivity is non-adjustable, and that a matte screen option (instead of glossy) isn't offered.

The dv2910us isn't anything really stellar. It doesn't have amazing processing power, super long battery, an innovative new esthetic look, a slim body, or a ridiculously low weight; which is why the dv2700 series hasn't garnered the same kind of attention as the Apple Macbook Air or the Lenovo x300. But it remains a decent laptop, nonetheless, sufficient for all but the most strenuous of tasks.

What the HP dv2910us does have to offer that all those other popular laptops lack, is an affordable price. And for many people, like me, the price is always a major determining factor.

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  1. I have the HP DV2911 and it does has the lightscribe feature, although I have never used it yet. Even on my external dvd recorder I have not used that feature either. Maybe one day when the price of those disks are way down.

    One other problem I found with the laptop is when you are typing a document or email – all of sudden the curser will jump to another place in the document and you will start typing in a totally different area – annoying to say the least….

    After finding out that others have had the same problem – found this little program called touchfreeze (loads on startup) that keeps the mouse curser from doing that. I think sometimes it still happens but not as often. I don’t type out that many doc’s on my Laptop too much anymore.

    But I do like this laptop, I will have it for a long time. I thought about putting a bigger hard drive on it – but If I just clean it up a bit (to many videos files) I would have plenty of room.

    thanks for your review….

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