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Dangling Participles…

Just in case it isn't quite evident yet, I'm pretty desperate for some new content here. Thus my retyping of old in-class English essays. I would put more of them up but I seem to have lost a great deal of them.

As I was looking for my other craptastic essays, I found an old assignment on dangling participles. We were given obviously bad sentances and were told to fix them of their danging participles. Apparently all the all example sentances given in the assignment where taken from real sources. Some of them are rather amusing.

A woman who started selling hot dogs clad in a bikini two weeks ago was denied a vendor's license at a Town Council meeting.

A man who videotaped a couple having sex through partially open blinds can get the tape back in 20 days, a judge ruled.

Dear Abby: I was so depressed that I considered suicide on a daily basis.

Okay... so at one point I thought some of them were amusing, now I just think they're stupid. Woo hoo. I think I'll stop typing these up now...

Incidentally, if you actually read this thing, please leave a comment... I feel soooo stupid talking to myself. Yeah for stupid! (EDIT: I checked cpanel, the people that have looked at my site in the past day are, random spammer dude in the Ukraine, me, googlebot, and some other search engine spider. YEAH FOR ME!)

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  1. ….you make me laugh….i like reading your blog anyway

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