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Day 1 of the Everyman

3am   – 6am - (Monday, August 10)

I went into this experiment already a little tired, so right now I am quite knackered. I have a feeling that I will be spending most of the next few days staring blankely at a computer screen watching TV reruns online (like I'm doing right now). Obviously, when I first woke up from my core nap I was extremely tired, but after a brief walk around the block in the cool air I'm feeling a bit better, albeit still slightly woozy.

One of the plus sides of going to sleep so tired I suppose, is that I fell right asleep without any problems.

This is extremely unscientific, but after every nap, I'll be taking a three minute typing test (courtesy of to maybe test my dexterity and "wakefulness." Its extremely possible that my wakefulness will not be reflected in my typing scores, but I'll try nonetheless. My typing scores for this waking period are:

Net speed: 67 WPM
Accuracy: 95%
Gross Speed: 70 WPM

11am – 11:20am

I've always had trouble taking naps during the daytime, even when extremely tired, and this nap was no different. I probably didn't fall asleep until noon, and even then it was a bit of a light sleep and the alarm clock jolted me awake almost immediately. My awareness and reflexes were definetely not as good and I continued to feel a bit woozy throughout the next few hours.

Net Speed: 73 WPM

Accuracy: 90%

Gross Speed: 81 WPM

4pm   – 4:20pm

I tried quite hard to fall asleep but ultimately, was unable to fall asleep at all despite laying in bed for an hour. Eventually,  I decided to just forgo this nap entirely. College has taught me how to function on extremely  little sleep; on one occassion I managed to operate on three hours of sleep per day for almost four days. I felt like a sleepwalker during this period, and had a bit of a headache.

10pm – 10:20pm

It was easy to fall asleep for this period since this is when I usually go to bed. Unfortunately, my twenty minute nap turned into a seven hour snooze. My alarm must have gone off because when I woke up, I found that I had removed the battery from my cell phone.

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  1. 7 Hour Snooze????


    Seriously, your polyphasic sleep results can be summed up pretty well by the title of your blog.

    So when is attempt 2?

  2. thanks man. more try less fail? i dunno, trying to adapt to polyphasic sleep is really tiring

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