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Last quarter was probably my worst quarter ever. So of course, I have resolutely set out to change my habits and turn my academic performance around. Of course, its only the second day of school now, but I think my first day of class was exciting enough to deserve some blogging.

This quarter is momentous as it marks the first time in a year that I have enrolled in a non-engineering course. In this case, I'm currently enrolled in a statistics and a math class (among other classes). So the thing that astounded me upon first walking into my statistics classroom, was that there were girls in my class, more specifically, there were a lot of girls in the classroom (around 50%). This is in stark contrast to most of my engineering courses, where a classroom that is 20% female is considered to have an unusually high female to male ratio. I've had an electrical class with 14 guys and 0 girls, and a computer science class with 19 guys and 1 girl. Walking into my stats class, I felt as though I had entered another realm.

My first day proceeded to get more and more interesting. I spent fifteen minutes sitting in what I thought was my computer architecture class, before I realized that I was in the wrong class. Checking my schedule, I realized that my computer architecture class is on Tuesdays and not Monday (on the plus side, I was in the right room). Too embarrassed to push my way through the five people obstructing my path to the aisle, and walk out during the middle of class, I sat through the rest of the lecture, growing more and more confused about automata theory (a subject I was totally unqualified to understand).

But on the home front, I discovered that one of my roommates had left a pan of some sort of cooked food in the fridge over winter break, which meant that it was nearing almost four weeks old. So of course, the unidentifiable contents of the pan are now sporting a pretty coating of green and white mold. I stated how disgusting it looked and told my roommate that he should probably throw it out. Whereupon, he removed it from the fridge and placed it in the sink. The pan has since migrated to the countertop, and it appears that the green mold is now starting to outstrip the white mold (Go Green!). As of noon of today, the pan and its contents were still sitting on the countertop. Some part of me finds it extremely revolting, but another part of me is fascinated and wants to take pictures. I've decided to just not look at it until he throws it out.

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  1. Engineering class ratio. It’s so true… :<

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