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xiao ding dong

Xiao Ding Dong, you blue cat, you are awesome.

I have no idea why I had the sudden urge to take a picture of my Xiao Ding Dong doll, but I did. He looks very sad, this doll. But I still think he is cool; almost as cool as a blue, earless robotic cat from the future with a magic pouch. Oh wait...

I wish I had a magic pouch. If I did, I would pull out a completed and perfect C++ implementation of the Gauss-Jordan elimination for finding inverse matries.

But back here in reality, I'm sitting in my bloody hot room with no air conditioning, trying to beat a working program out of my keyboard. I promise, once I figure out a solution, that I will post the code online.

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  1. nice cat.
    your mom and i were talkin at work and she showed me your website. (…i know, right?) such a sweet lady. :]

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