failing like never before


Things that Happened

What I did this weekend:

  • procrastinated
  • cooked enough food to last me to the middle of the week
  • ate all the food I cooked (I was hungry)
  • tried to sleep in but failed miserably (I ended up waking up at 7:50am)
  • rode my bike 25 miles, stopped and stared at the houses in Brentwood that probably cost more money then I'll ever make in ten lifetimes
  • procrastinated by looking at various electronic gadgets on-line that I have no need for and couldn't possibly afford
  • tried to work on my lab but was distracted by food
  • sat in the computer lab for about three hours, wrote two lines of code, and tried unsuccessfully to help someone with his Linux troubles
  • procrastinated by doing laundry and then sewing up the holes in my black jeans (there were a lot more holes the I realized)
  • tried to study but somehow ended up watching old Justice League Unlimited episodes on youtube
  • finally got my butt in gear around 7pm on Sunday night and hit the library

On another note, I added a basic captcha to the comment box on this blog in order to reduce the amount of spam Akismet had to handle (Akismet is great, but it does occasionally mark stuff incorrectly). Amazingly enough, a few spam bots are making their way past my captchas! Modern image processing is impressive stuff...

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