failing like never before



I had a pretty bad dream recently, which is of particular note primarily because I never remember my dreams, and secondly because it was a pretty lame nightmare.

I dreamt that someone had hacked into my server and erased my entire database, whereupon I woke up with my heart pounding fast in my chest. I got out of squeaky metal bunk-bed turned my monitor on, reassured myself that my blog was still whole and complete, backed up my entire MySQL database onto my hard drive, and climbed back into bed. The next morning, I woke up unsure of if I had dreamed up the entire experience; that is, if I had dreamed that I had had a bad dream and instantly dashed to my computer.

I don't even understand why I was so stressed out about losing my blog articles, after all I already do periodic backups. Even then, its not as though anyone actually reads my blog so losing a few bad blog articles could hardly be considered a big lose.

But anyhoo, there it is. My worst nightmare since I was six and dreamt that my cousin was a monster that was going to eat me. Its really quite depressing.

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