failing like never before


The Dream

My computer science class ended early and I got back to my room early. Having througly exhausted my mental faculties throughout the day, I decided it was time to test my physical limits. I changed my clothes and headed for the gym. It was five o' clock, you had just climbed into bed to take a nap and our other roommate was reading the news.

I ran a little less then three miles on the track. My fear of treadmills has not faltered ever since I fell on my uncle's when I was eight. I lifted weights for an hour, until my muscles burned and I felt I had no strength left. The vastness and opulence of the school gym did not fail to amaze me, but for all its greatness it could not augment my strength or stamina. The weights in my hands were laughably small compared to those borne by the hulks standing besides me.

I took a long shower, turned my computer on, plowed through my RSS feed reader. It was seven o' clock, you were still sleeping soundly and our roommate was doing his homework.