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The ipad… and Other Fail News

I stopped by Best Buy on my way to the grocery store to have a quick look at the much lauded Apple ipad. My opinion summed up in one word:



  • shiny
  • long battery life
  • more portable then a typical laptop


  • almost impossible to achieve a reasonably fast typing speed on it
  • shiny (which results in fingerprints and glare)
  • does nothing that my laptop can't do
  • can't do a lot of things my laptop can do
  • costs $150 more then the refurbished laptop I just bought
  • closed platform
  • wide-aspect movies look weird on a 4:3 screen
  • back-lit screens are not ideal for reading books
  • development work for the ipad must be done in Objective  C
  • less portable then a Motorola Droid or Nexus One (or even an iphone)

In other fail news:

A week ago, I got a big batch of images that needed to be resized and displayed on one of the websites that I manage. This required that I crop and resize each photo so that it be exactly the correct size to be displayed on the site, a time consuming and quite laborious task. So I figured I could probably whip up a script with Python and ImageMagick to help automate the process, with idea being that my program would allow the user to simply highlight the "relevant" area of an image and then the program would crop and resize it to the correct size.

I ended up having to use wxPython to do all the GUI type stuff, which meant I had to spend some time learning the ins and outs of GUI programming seeing as how my experience with that kind of stuff is fairly limited. So for the past week, I've been spending about an hour a day learning wxPython and knocking together a sort of program to make my life easier. Today, I looked at my image resizer program and realized I had created some of the most god-awful code ever seen by mankind.  It was basically 100+ lines of uncommented and completely unintelligible spaghetti code.

I threw my monster out and did the cropping and resizing by hand, which ended up taking me less than an hour.

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Fedora Failed

A while back I ran a disk check on my fedora 8 live CD and got an error telling me that the disk was bad. So I checked the ISO image I had downloaded and it's MD5 hash sum, but found that there appeared to be nothing wrong with the ISO. Just to be on the safe side i downloaded the ISO again via Bittorrent (which takes maybe two minutes on my blazing fast school internet connection (the best part is, no can get mad at me for wasting bandwidth downloading illegally since fedora is open source)), and burned it to another CD. I restarted my computer and ran the live CD media check and it returned the same error again. Whereupon I decided to run the disk anyways, and it turned out fine.

Anyways, here's a little picture of the error message the fedora 8 live CD returned. I realize "fail" is a technical term, but it's still kinda funny...

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Massive Fayle

It would appear that everything is not "fine and dandy" as I would like it to be. Typo is experiencing "massive fayle" right now. Hopefully, I can fix it very soon.

Under the admin pages, when "managing articles," pagination appears to be broken. When I attempt to move to page 2, I get the following.

Application error (Apache)

Change this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html

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Stupid Way to Fail a Paper

This entry is about a paper I wrote for my history class. A paper which, I did not enjoy writing, was not proud of, and spent very little time on. Like always, I waited for my ideas to fully mature before I set fingers to keyboard and begin typing. That is to say, I didn't start writing until the day before and ended up spewing random phrases across the page in an entirely incoherent fashion, (or so I thought) and ended up finishing a seven page paper in exactly three or four hours.

I could say, that if the subject had been interesting I would have spent more time and put in more effort and pride. But that would be lying. I wrote the same way I always write: uncaring.

And just like always, I surprised myself. I got a B+ on the paper; the TA was approving of my style and thesis and only took points of because it was too short.