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Daily Log – 28 June 2008

A quick summary of today’s highlights in my life.

  • Threw away my old shoes. Last week, while riding my bike, I put one foot back and rested it on the tire while I was moving, thus melting off most of the heel. I also threw away three other pairs of very old shoes, one of them dating back to elementary school.
  • Mowed the lawn and did some yard work
  • Went to the library's book sale. The results were disappointing. I bought a copy of Danial Defoe's Moll Flanders and a beaten copy of Primo Levi's The Periodic Table. As sort of a community thingum, the library had a great mock pirate ship set up in the parking lot, and parking was surprisngly difficult to get. When I was little, we never had cool things like that at the library. Just books
  • Went to the movie theatre to see Get Smart with my dad, turned out that it was past matinee time. So we went to Costco, bought the tickets from Costco at matinee price for a regular screening. The movie was pretty amusing.
  • I saw a bit off the antique road show on TV, and wondered how much my old, massive tome on the Renaissance is worth. A quick Google search yielded disappointing results: $40, with the dust jacket (which I didn't have).
  • Lolled around a bit.

Less then four minutes to midnight now...

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Daily Log – 27 June 2008

A quick summary of today’s highlights in my life.

  • Laid in bed reading X-men and the Avengers: Gamma Quest Trilogy, talk about educational
  • Put on my cool Google t-shirt which I finally found stuffed away in a box I forgot to unpack
  • Walked around the neighborhood while reading David Berlinski's The Advent of the Algorithm
  • Watched my sister pack while lolling around on her bed
  • Went to San Francisco International Airport to drop my sister off to fly to Singapore
  • Got home late and then went to sleep

It is now nearly midnight

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Daily Log – 26 June 2008

A quick summary of today's highlights in my life.

  • spent some more time finishing off drafts in my blog's database
  • my professor didn't respond to my e-mail, so I e-mailed him again
  • went out to eat Dim Sum and go shopping with my mom and sister
  • rode my bike to the library, but arrived just as they closed, the smog was so bad that I was crying after ten minutes
  • my bike kept breaking on the way to the library, discovered that if I switch into any gear higher then 14 while moving faster then a arthritic turtle, my chain pops off the gear
  • read

The time is now 7:39pm, I'm going to watch "Last Comic Standing" with my dad and sister and then go to sleep.

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Daily Log – 25 June 2008

I'm going to try something new starting today. Every day I'm going write a brief post on anything noteworthy that happened that day, just for the heck of it.

It is currently 4:40pm.

  • woke up after sleeping about six hours, for some reason I can't seem to sleep very long anymore, i always wake up at 7am
  • flipped through various books, including Ursula K. Le Guin's The Fisherman of the Inland Sea
  • worked on the band website and on my new blog design
  • found out that I got an "I" (Incomplete) in my computer science, no idea how this could be possible and have e-mailed the professor
  • watched some stupid Chinese soap opera with my sister
  • planning on going swimming later, and then maybe washing the car
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