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Daily Log – 26 July 2008

So just last week, I got an old IBM Thinkpad T21 from my uncle, because it was broken (screen backlight was dead), and today I finally got a really laptop for school! Now I have something that doesn't take up butt-loads of space, and I can also take to class and the library! Woot!

Its a HP dv2910us, that I bought from Circuit City for $780, with a $50 rebate. Details and a review will be forthcoming.

On another note, yesterday, I made it to the library and back without a flat tire, a first for this summer. I'm not really sure how long the route is, as I travel across some very strange dirt paths, but I put the one-way trip at about ten miles long.

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Ow My Head

I have a lovely article in the process of being written right now. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to finish it up now so I'm putting it off until tomorrow morning or afternoon.

A few things of note that have happened to me lately:

  • I hit my head three times while helping my uncle move on Saturday; once on the garage door while walking down the moving truck's ramp, once on a low-hanging ceiling light, and once on a very expensive Buddhist table thingum. So yes, my head hurts very much and sadly enough I'm still not exhibiting any sort of psychic powers, stupid kiddy pulp-fiction books.
  • I booted my desktop into Windows XP, the first time in several months.
  • Something else thats really cool, that I will mention tomorrow!
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Daily Log – 13 July 2008

Yeah, so I know I pretty much killed my idea of a "daily log" a few weeks ago (I was far too lazy, and anyways it really wasn't that interesting; ate, read, ran, slept, how exciting!). But regardless (Woot! I didn't say "irregardless"), heres another daily log, sorta.

  • Went to church.
  • Went to Circuit City. They had these folders on sale for $0.01 (US dollars) each, with a limit of twenty per customer. So my mom had my dad and I buy twenty each, with the end result that our house now has sixty brightly colored folders that will probably never be used. But at least we got a discount, eh?!
  • Also while at Circuit City, I took the opportunity of looking at their surprisingly wide range of laptops. I've been thinking about getting a laptop for a while now, and I've been doing some research online. Most of the laptops were pretty mainstream-ish; a typical 14.1 inch widescreen monitor, a few gigs of ram, a 120 gig hard drive, Vista, and a middle of the road CPU. I was surprised to discover that some (perhaps all) of the laptops were connected to the internet, through Circuit City's wireless network! Which is really a bit strange. I was tempted to install a Bittorrent client and download some popular music to see if the RIAA would come after Circuit City. But I'm not that mean of a person.
  • I also came across an HP desktop, with a touchscreen monitor. It was fun to play with, but I doubt I would ever want one.
  • Watched Lord of War later after I got home, with my dad. It was actually quite good and somewhat interesting.

Yeah! Daily Log! WOOT!

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Daily Log – July 4 2008

So yes, I did not post a daily log for yesterday, and I don't plan on it because well, I guess I'm far too lazy.

  • Worked on the car. Replaced hoses, cables, and spark plugs, which took most of the day.
  • Bought some new running shoes, very nice and light.
  • Read
  • Studied some QT

To all you Americans, happy 4th of July! May you celebrate your independence from the British by indulging in special 4th of July sales.

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Daily Log – 2 July 2008

A quick summary of today’s highlights in my life.

  • Worked on learning QT
  • Took a four hour nap, and I still feel really tired. Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to sleep long for a long stretch of time at nighttime.
  • Fixed the broken toilet. And oh boy was that fun!
  • Fixed my bike's flat tire with the little sticker thingies I bought today. Either the little sticker thingies didn't work or else I have another hole in my tire because its flat again.

The time is now 9pm, I think I'll go to sleep in another hour or so.

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Daily Log – 1 July 2008

A quick summary of today’s highlights in my life.

  • Read
  • Fixed and replaced, along with my Dad, some wiring stuff that got destroyed when my mom did something with her hair dryer
  • Read some more, exciting, I know

And yes, I'm a day late on this daily log. Trying to catch up. waaah

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Daily Log – 30 June 2008

A quick summary of today’s highlights in my life.

  • Decided I was going to go the nicer library (which is further away from my house), and decided to ride my bike
  • Took the long way around to the library, which involved numerous dirt roads, but allowed me to stay off dangerous country roads with cars blasting by at 55mph
  • Got a flat tire on the way home, carried the bike to Costco and chained it up, and began walking home
  • Arrived home 4 hours later, in circumspect, I should have called someone to pick me up, or else just sat at Costco and have my Dad pick me up on his way home from work
  • Read

Its actually July 2 today, so I'm two days behind on my daily log. :(

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Daily Log – 29 June 2008

A quick summary of today’s highlights in my life.

  • Went to church, doodled on scraps of paper while the previous pastor's son spoke
  • Saw a Smart Car speeding down the highway at about 80mph.
  • Read a great deal of Primo Levi's The Periodic Table, which I bought yesterday at a book sale. Its quite interesting, I think I will write an article on it later.
  • Registered for classes online. My registration time was 7pm, I signed up for my physics lab (a very hard to get class) about five seconds past 7.
  • Fixed my bike with the help of my dad. It is now possible for me to shift into a gear higher then 14 without my chain popping off the front gear and knocking the gear-guard off. Still having difficulty shifting the front gear from first to second, but the bike seems to be functioning fairly decently now. I think I may now be able to ride it without having to stop every fifteen minutes to fix/adjust something.
  • Rode my bike around the neighborhood for a little bit. Two annoying kids (and when I say kids, I do mean dudes about my age) drove up next to me and honked and screamed nonsensical phrases while waving a little American flag they had stolen from someone's front yard. They were very annoying (dur...).
  • My professor finally responded to my e-mails. Hopefully, he doesn't think I'm a weird stalker dude, what with the incessant e-mails I sent him over the past week.
  • Bemoaned the fact that my blog draws hardly any visitors at all
  • Bemoaned the fact that I am a loser, and resolved to promptly rectify said predicament, but with no idea how to go about it.
  • Watched a bit of some stupid old TV show called Highlander at Decided the show was/is quite stupid.

It is now a quarter past 11pm. That is to say, forty-five minutes from midnight.

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