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Daily Log – 13 July 2008

Yeah, so I know I pretty much killed my idea of a "daily log" a few weeks ago (I was far too lazy, and anyways it really wasn't that interesting; ate, read, ran, slept, how exciting!). But regardless (Woot! I didn't say "irregardless"), heres another daily log, sorta.

  • Went to church.
  • Went to Circuit City. They had these folders on sale for $0.01 (US dollars) each, with a limit of twenty per customer. So my mom had my dad and I buy twenty each, with the end result that our house now has sixty brightly colored folders that will probably never be used. But at least we got a discount, eh?!
  • Also while at Circuit City, I took the opportunity of looking at their surprisingly wide range of laptops. I've been thinking about getting a laptop for a while now, and I've been doing some research online. Most of the laptops were pretty mainstream-ish; a typical 14.1 inch widescreen monitor, a few gigs of ram, a 120 gig hard drive, Vista, and a middle of the road CPU. I was surprised to discover that some (perhaps all) of the laptops were connected to the internet, through Circuit City's wireless network! Which is really a bit strange. I was tempted to install a Bittorrent client and download some popular music to see if the RIAA would come after Circuit City. But I'm not that mean of a person.
  • I also came across an HP desktop, with a touchscreen monitor. It was fun to play with, but I doubt I would ever want one.
  • Watched Lord of War later after I got home, with my dad. It was actually quite good and somewhat interesting.

Yeah! Daily Log! WOOT!

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