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New Beginnings

I once read that "personal" blogs tend to attract fewer readers as compared to blogs pertaining to a vast impersonal subject. It seems that popular web logs are not personal journals, and that personal journals tend not to make very much money. Yet here I am, writing a personal blog in hopes of making money through the use of ubiquitous text ads.
But this is not to be a dreary log of the tiresome daily routines of my life, nor is it to be filled with inane and pointless thoughts. I hope to make it somewhat meaningful; interesting to a casual reader who knows nothing of me. I have found that most personal blogs are amazingly pointless, and entirely meaningless to anyone but the blogger and their close friends. When a blog is filled with short entries like "I took my cat to the vet today and I saw Mr. Bosch!" or, "Anyone want to join me for ice cream tomorrow?", its no wonder that personal blogs fail to draw so little traffic.

So by writing meaningfully, and with (fairly) good grammar and spelling, I hope to create literature (literature is such a broad category, even books that begin with "As soon as Elmer saw the duck, he knew it was going to be a bad day..." could be considered literature) that others might want to read.
And so we begin...

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