failing like never before


Find the Good Prof.

The screenshot below was taken quite a while ago, after students had finished enrolling in classes, but had not yet started class.

I must say, its really quite amazing how ardously students tried to avoid Professor Malkan


Social Commentary, Physics Style

I was reading my physics book today, and came across this rather interesting sentance.

In everyday conversation we use the word "model" to mean either a small-scale replica, such as a model railroad, or a person who displays articles of clothing (or the absence thereof). (from Sears and Zemansky's University Physics Volume 1, Twelfth Edition)

I couldn't believe my eyes. Had my physics book just made a social commentary or som sort of weird joke?

Perhaps the authors were sick of the almost-nude style of clothing that is so popular these days (especially amongst females). Or perhaps they were disgusted by the moral decripitude that Americans had sunk to.

Irregardless, the fact remains that the authors of a college physics textbook expressed their views about something that didn't invovle physics. And not just any opinions, moral opinions.