failing like never before


Run Run Run

This past quarter, I've been trying to go to the track at least a few times a week and run at least two miles. Up until last week, I didn't bother to time myself, figuring that I was running "fast enough." I was surprised to find out after a two mile run on the track, that I was averaging almost eight minutes a mile. Not good. Not good at all.

So the next night that I went running, I pushed myself a little harder and managed to average about seven minutes and thirty seconds per mile (for three miles) which is significantly better, but still not as good as I would have liked; I could manage six minutes and fifteen seconds fairly regularly when I was in high school.

Now today (the day of my two killer finals) I wasn't planning on doing any running, and was hoping instead that after my two finals over, I could just grab something quick to eat and then be able to go to sleep early. And after my last final of the day got out, this seemed like a great idea, as my head was pounding and I was having trouble focusing and keeping my eyes open. But the line for food was ridiculously long and my lack of recent physical activities was starting to make me feel like a fatty, so I dropped my notes in my room and ran to the track, where I proceeded to run a mile at high speed (or at least my highest speed) and then do twenty minutes or so of stairs. My mile time for today was six minutes and forty seconds, significantly faster then last weeks, but still on the slow side. Lets hope it gets better.

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