failing like never before


College Killed the High School Star

I was fairly smart and successful in high school. Albeit, I wasn't the best in my class, but I was within spitting range. When I was sixteen, I had a really nice internship that payed much more then minimum wage, and when I was seventeen, I had another really nice internship that payed slightly less but offered full medical coverage. I was the president of the Robotics team, vice-president of the Academic Decathlon team, a section leader in the jazz band, and was in so many clubs that I often had to chose between which meeting I would attend.

Now I go to a university that is recognized world wide for its academic excellence, and I'm pretty sure I've gotten dumber. Living up to my blog's name, I'm failing like I never have before.

In high school the lowest grade that I ever received was a B+, but in my past year of college I have managed to get two Cs. My grasp on Ampere's Law is rather tenuous, and my understanding of multivariable vector calculus weaker still. During the school year, I stopped attending church regularly and fell away from God. Unlike in high school, the only group that I'm still active in is marching band. This summer, I was not able to secure a high paying internship so I'll be settling for a minimum wage job and the few bucks I get for managing the marching band website.