failing like never before


Things of Note

Things of particular noteworthy significance that occurred today:

  • I shaved for the first time in about three weeks. Another monumental point, is that I now have to buy some new razorblades for the first time in my life; all the rest of the blades that I have ever used were free samples.
  • I threw a racquetball against my door for about twenty minutes while listening to my roommate watch The Office. There is no one alive who can procrastinate as I can.
  • I ate my last granola bar; I am now bereft of snacks so my need to go shopping is now even greater.

I also slept, ate, did homework, studied, and worked on a project for one of my classes. Once again, I did not go to church because of the obscene amounts of work that I had to do.

And that about sums up the amazing adventures of my day.