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Code Updates, 14 May ’07

- CSS Fixes:

- Fixed a problem where the text areas were extending too far when using Windows operating system. Although this problem has been fixed in Windows, I now have a problem while running Ubuntu and Fedora Core linux, so I assume that the problem is due to font size. If you're running linux, you may notice that the text areas are a little smaller then the box gray box that encloses them

- Fixed and rearranged some of the options in the text area toolbar. Now it consumes only two lines, instead of three.

- Fixed a problem where Internet Explorer was not rendering the CSS wrong. Before, it was taking the left-hand menu thing and sticking it all the way at the bottom of the page. There was never a problem while using Konqueror, Opera, or Firefox. This problem still seems to persist with IE5 for some reason.

- Things To Do:

- Adding help and tutorial type stuff to make the site more user friendly.

- Improving the home/index page and making it more functional, perhaps adding a 'featured blog.'

- Adding a function to search users and blogs and list them.

- Adding a better form of sorting pictures in the gallery (still a little hazy 'bout what I'm going to do, but I will do something to it).

- A way for people to upload their own stylesheets and make them avaliable to others.

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