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Mirror, Mirror, Who’s the Oldest of Them All?

I'll admit, that my Arch updates haven't exactly been occuring with religous regularity, but I never allowed more then a month at most to pass between full system updates on my Arch machines". But today, when I decided to do a full update I was surprised to find that all my packages were already update. Especially since I remember seeing the same message on the last update. Some digging through my log files revealed that the last time one of my system updates actually updated something, was in August of last year. Which means that four months have passed without my system actually being updated. Oh sure, I issued a system update command pretty regularly every few weeks, but no packages were ever updated.

This is Not Good.

Some more digging was required, and it was revealed that the mirror I've been using,, hasn't been synced to the Arch repository in a very (very) long time. This is also Not Good. But perhaps even more worrying then Virgina Tech's laxness, is my laxness and unawareness. How could I have not notice that various programs on my laptop were several versions old, or that my system upgrades were never doing anything!

So I am doing a massively huge upgrade right now, and I fully expect it to wreck serious hell on my system. But at least that's better then walking around completely oblivious to the various known security holes on my laptop.

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Site Update

Yes, I know, I've been seriously slacking on writing the past week. I've been writing quite a bit tonight, these past few hours, but I want to spend some time to edit them before I publish them, so I won't have anything new till tomorrow morning. Sorry to all you people eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the exciting saga of my HP dv2910us review.

Remeber folks, patience is a virtue!

Oh! And BTW, I re-found that stupid snake that I ran over with my bike. Here to read more on that.

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I haven't been adding any new content to this blog for a fairly long time, and for the most part, have been spending my time trying to remake the entire blog application. I have come to the conclusion that I'm not the worlds greatest programmer and I can't program an entire web application by myself, when it usually takes a small group of people.

I will be hosting a new blog using Typo, at This will not be my blog. I will be keeping my blog at, and will probably be using Typo or Mephisto, instead of writing my own codebase.

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Code Updates, 14 May ’07

- CSS Fixes:

- Fixed a problem where the text areas were extending too far when using Windows operating system. Although this problem has been fixed in Windows, I now have a problem while running Ubuntu and Fedora Core linux, so I assume that the problem is due to font size. If you're running linux, you may notice that the text areas are a little smaller then the box gray box that encloses them

- Fixed and rearranged some of the options in the text area toolbar. Now it consumes only two lines, instead of three.

- Fixed a problem where Internet Explorer was not rendering the CSS wrong. Before, it was taking the left-hand menu thing and sticking it all the way at the bottom of the page. There was never a problem while using Konqueror, Opera, or Firefox. This problem still seems to persist with IE5 for some reason.

- Things To Do:

- Adding help and tutorial type stuff to make the site more user friendly.

- Improving the home/index page and making it more functional, perhaps adding a 'featured blog.'

- Adding a function to search users and blogs and list them.

- Adding a better form of sorting pictures in the gallery (still a little hazy 'bout what I'm going to do, but I will do something to it).

- A way for people to upload their own stylesheets and make them avaliable to others.

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