failing like never before


Make Me a Syscall

I was working on a assembly language project for my computer science class one night, and was having a devil of a time debugging it. The program was supposed to read data from a file using system calls (syscalls) (and then do some more stuff) but for some reason, my program refused to read data from file. I spent over an hour tracing through my code, trying to find the probably obvious bug. My code around the "bug" looked a little like this:

move   $a0,$s0
move   $a1,$s1
li          $v0,14

I realize its a little hard to understand out of context, but what happened was that I set up all the registers properly but never actually made a syscall!


College Killed the High School Star

I was fairly smart and successful in high school. Albeit, I wasn't the best in my class, but I was within spitting range. When I was sixteen, I had a really nice internship that payed much more then minimum wage, and when I was seventeen, I had another really nice internship that payed slightly less but offered full medical coverage. I was the president of the Robotics team, vice-president of the Academic Decathlon team, a section leader in the jazz band, and was in so many clubs that I often had to chose between which meeting I would attend.

Now I go to a university that is recognized world wide for its academic excellence, and I'm pretty sure I've gotten dumber. Living up to my blog's name, I'm failing like I never have before.

In high school the lowest grade that I ever received was a B+, but in my past year of college I have managed to get two Cs. My grasp on Ampere's Law is rather tenuous, and my understanding of multivariable vector calculus weaker still. During the school year, I stopped attending church regularly and fell away from God. Unlike in high school, the only group that I'm still active in is marching band. This summer, I was not able to secure a high paying internship so I'll be settling for a minimum wage job and the few bucks I get for managing the marching band website.


Daily Log – 25 June 2008

I'm going to try something new starting today. Every day I'm going write a brief post on anything noteworthy that happened that day, just for the heck of it.

It is currently 4:40pm.

  • woke up after sleeping about six hours, for some reason I can't seem to sleep very long anymore, i always wake up at 7am
  • flipped through various books, including Ursula K. Le Guin's The Fisherman of the Inland Sea
  • worked on the band website and on my new blog design
  • found out that I got an "I" (Incomplete) in my computer science, no idea how this could be possible and have e-mailed the professor
  • watched some stupid Chinese soap opera with my sister
  • planning on going swimming later, and then maybe washing the car
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Mac People

I don't think that any operating system is better for everyone. I think Linux is the best for me, because of its low hardware requirements, cost, ease of use, high standards of security and stability, and the simplicity with which it can be remotely accessed, but that doesn't make Linux better for everyone. Some people like being able to play the latest and greatest games on their computers, while others like a shiny, simplistic interface that requires very little fuss to learn to use.

For a brief period of time, I used to be one of those people who denounced the evils of Microsoft and proclaimed that Linux was the solution to everyone's computer problems. But now I'm a wee bit older and a wee bit wiser, and I'm not as much of a bigot. While I generally don't have problems with people who think that their OS is better then everyone else, I have found that many Mac zealots, with their amazing arrogance, greatly annoy me.

I have seen more Macbooks in this past year in college then I have ever seen in my entire life, and a great many of those Mac owners show more fervor for their OS then their religion. Which bothers me greatly. In my personal experience I have found that most Windows users are indifferent about their OS and its standing against other operating systems, while Linux and BSD users care a little more but also tend to be more knowledgeable about computers and operating systems. Whereas most of the Mac users I have met will attest that Apple products are the best because of their simplicity and physical attractiveness, and that everyone else is inferior for using a non-Apple product (which is stupid really, since a great deal of Mac OS X wasn't coded by Apple).