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HP dv2910us (dv2700) – User Experience

The beginning of my review of the HP dv2910us can be found here.

Despite my efforts, this review has become rather badly organized. Pretty much anything that is interesting in my review is going to be in this section.

I've heard HP referred to as "The Evil Empire," so apparently the boys and girls in HP's marketing department are trying to change their company's image by making themselves all "personal." Which is totally cool, as long as they don't expect me to cry over my lappy.

---Crapware and Such

The first time I booted up the dv2901us, I was greeted by a series of setup menus, courtesy of Microsoft, HP, and various other paid advertisers. Vista spent a surprisingly long time updating and configuring the system once I had ticked off all the required checkboxes. Its been quite a while since I've bought a pre-built computer (well actually I never have), and it was only upon first running the dv2910us that I realized just how annoying "crapware" really is. ("Crapware" is a term coined by internet writers and is used to categorize software and trial-ware that comes pre-installed on new computers.) The term is quite appropriate, as anyone who has bought a computer in the past few years will know, there are gigs of crap installed on new computers. While I was buying my new HP lappy from Circuit City, the employee who was helping me, told me that for the low, low price of $30 they would sell me a model that had had all the crapware removed by a certified Circuit City tech. While crapware is without a doubt annoying and stupid, I cannot see why the bloody hell I would want to pay someone to remove it for me when I am quite capable of doing it myself, although some people clearly are willing to pay. So I ended up spending a great deal of time removing software and advertisements from Microsoft, Yahoo, HP, Slingbox, and even Maxis (almost 3 gigs of "The Sims" trial software!), before I finally got down to really using my brand new lappy.


Site Update

Yes, I know, I've been seriously slacking on writing the past week. I've been writing quite a bit tonight, these past few hours, but I want to spend some time to edit them before I publish them, so I won't have anything new till tomorrow morning. Sorry to all you people eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the exciting saga of my HP dv2910us review.

Remeber folks, patience is a virtue!

Oh! And BTW, I re-found that stupid snake that I ran over with my bike. Here to read more on that.

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Alexander Solzhenitsyn died of a heart attack yesterday, August 3, at the ripe old age of 89. I have only ever read one of his works, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, and that was only because it was required reading for one of my classes. I nevertheless came to regard the man as an inspiring writer, and a generally amazing man to have survived so much and yet remained optimistic.

I shall mourn his passing from this world.