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Yes, I know, I've been seriously slacking on writing the past week. I've been writing quite a bit tonight, these past few hours, but I want to spend some time to edit them before I publish them, so I won't have anything new till tomorrow morning. Sorry to all you people eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the exciting saga of my HP dv2910us review.

Remeber folks, patience is a virtue!

Oh! And BTW, I re-found that stupid snake that I ran over with my bike. Here to read more on that.

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  1. Hello good sir, I would like to thank you for you article on stocksquest. I can not wait to implement your strategy to earn myself a few extra credit points. However, upon reading your list of class rankings, I recognized many of the names and realized that I go to the same school as you did. I saw your teacher’s name in the rankings, and fortunately, I have a different instructor. I was just wondering if they caught on to what you were doing, or if you explained your method after the game was finished. I am sure that if I play it well enough, I will be questioned on my strategy. I will either play stupid, or pretend that I figured it out on my own, based on what they already know. Sorry about posting this in an odd column, but I was worried that the teachers might google, “cheat stocksquest”, and this comment would be on the first result link page for all to see. Thanks, I will check back in every couple of days, if you feel so inclined as to respond.

  2. Hi L,

    I’m pretty sure my teacher never caught on, I think he always just thought that I was really lucky. I would advise that you try not to make yourself too obvious.

    I had a friend who attempted the same thing in a different class, except on a much grander scale. By the end of the contest, she was buying 1 million shares at a time and making a hundred thousand dollars at a time. Although her teacher obviously suspected something, I don’t think he ever really caught on.

    Best of luck to you!

  3. thank you
    I am pre market bidding as we speak. And thanks, it is reassuring to know that the teachers aren’t to worried about this problem, I’ll slack off a little here and there to make it look legitamate. thanks again

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