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OMFG WordPress

As some of you may know, (and by "some," I do mean "me") I started my blog on a homemade CMS. It was simply and not particulary well written, but it did what I wanted it to and I never had problems with it after I finished its testing phase. I move to Typo because I wanted more and was too lazy to code a whole bunch of new features into my CMS, but discovered that, at the time, Typo was oh-so-slow and terribly buggy. So I switched to WordPress. And I've been on WordPress for almost a year now.

I like WordPress; its easy to use, and yet has a goodly number of features to get me through the day. The fact that I've stayed loyal to it after almost a year is a testament to how much I like it (I have a very short and fickle attention). But I cannot for the life of me, understand why the bloody hell the WordPress developers feel they have to push a new release at least once a month!

I generally don't have a problem with a rapid development timeline, but WordPress just really aggravates me. A Linux distribution with a nice package manager (Debian, Red Hat, Arch, etc.) can easily update all packages to the current version with a single very simple command. But such is generally not the case for the upgrading of WordPress. A lot of the people that run WordPress (like me) have to go and update their codebase by hand, which can really get old fast. Mind you, upgrading WordPress isn't hard at all, as it just requires some copy and pasting, but it does tend to be a pain in the butt, especially since you have to do it so often. (It just occurred to  me that I can simplify the whole process with a fairly basic script, but thats beside the point for now.)

I notice that a lot of WordPress releases are for bug fixes, rather then for new features, which begs the question why the development team doesn't just spend some more time debugging before they label their software as production-ready. And because of WordPress's constant bug fixes, I always feel impelled to upgrade to the newest release.

I'm starting to wander a little bit here, I know, so just to bring it back, OMFG WordPress!!! Why must you release so often??!?!

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  1. switch me to wordpress!

  2. They update regularly mainly due to security vulnerabilities and added features.

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