failing like never before


Day 2 of the Everyman

3am   – 6am - (Monday, August 10)

Again, as mentioned in the previous day's post, I missed naps yesterday and overslept my 10pm nap and didn't wake up until 5am. However, I'll still be trying to continue the everyman. Right now, I'm still feeling a little bit tired, but all in all not bad.

Net speed: 77 WPM
Accuracy: 93%
Gross Speed: 83 WPM

11am – 11:20am

I laid in bed for about an hour but was completely unable to fall asleep. Like I said previously, I have always had difficulty falling asleep during the daytime even when I'm extremely exhausted.

I'm going to stop taking the typing tests because I'm pretty sure they reflect nothing about my reflexes and wakefulness.

4pm   – 4:20pm

Tried to fall asleep in a chair at the library but was again, entirely unsuccessful despite being very tired.

10pm – 10:20pm

I laid down before 10 and told my dad to wake me up at 10:30, which he did. Unfortunately I was unable to fall asleep in that thirty minute time span. Amusingly enough, after my dad left my room I laid in bed for a few more minutes and fell asleep, slept through my alarm (again) and didn't wake up until 2am.

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