failing like never before


Fedora Failed

A while back I ran a disk check on my fedora 8 live CD and got an error telling me that the disk was bad. So I checked the ISO image I had downloaded and it's MD5 hash sum, but found that there appeared to be nothing wrong with the ISO. Just to be on the safe side i downloaded the ISO again via Bittorrent (which takes maybe two minutes on my blazing fast school internet connection (the best part is, no can get mad at me for wasting bandwidth downloading illegally since fedora is open source)), and burned it to another CD. I restarted my computer and ran the live CD media check and it returned the same error again. Whereupon I decided to run the disk anyways, and it turned out fine.

Anyways, here's a little picture of the error message the fedora 8 live CD returned. I realize "fail" is a technical term, but it's still kinda funny...

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