failing like never before



Despite some early attempts, I have never found micro-blogging to be my "style." Possibly because I lack the ability to come up with short, pithy statements on the fly, or simply because I never had enough friends on Twitter to make it worth my while. But on occassion, I've seen or thought of something that would have made a great Twitter post. Such as:

  • the old Asian man I see in the mornings wearing a faded, neon t-shirt with the words "Super Fresh" on it
  • a guy rubbing deoderent on his groin in the gym locker room
  • Charles Xavier works at my company (his legal name is literally, Charles Xavier)
  • while driving home, a truck tailgated me on an empty 4 lane freeway at 5:30 AM
  • a lady shopping at Walmart wearing bright pink fluffy slippers
  • apparently a lot of people think it's OK to clip their fingernails on the train

When I was thinking about writing this post, I thought I would have a much longer and more interesting list. Sorry guys.


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