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A little About Me

Every personal blog has an "about me" section, except mine, and I don't know why I never wrote one. Who am I? Its a tough question to answer. My roommates had to answer it in their homework for their leadership class, and I believe it took them a few pages to answer throughly.

I'm not going to answer that question now, because I really do have to do homework. But I do want to throw in something. A few years ago, I had to take a sort of personality test at work, and my results are listed below. I think its rather amusing really to see just how messed up I am. If I recall correctly, everyone else had fairly modest values in the 40-60 ranges in most categories, and only I was this messed up.

According to this graph, I am demanding, yet amiable, very precise and cautious, but most definitely not a people person.

DISC graphDominance
* Demanding
* Driving
* Ambitious
* Forceful
* Determined
* Aggressive
* Decisive

* Inspiring
* People Oriented
* Likes Recognition
* Expressive/Emotional
* Enthusiastic
* Optimistic
* Approachable

* Relaxed
* Amiable
* Patient & relaxed
* Loyal
* Good Listener
* Team Player
* Consistent

* Evasive
* Cautious
* Conventional
* Exacting
* Diplomatic
* Accurate
* Open-minded

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