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Professional Bloggers

So professional bloggers. Golly.

I don't like many of them (Surprise! I don't like a lot of people.). Oh, there are bloggers that I respect; those bloggers that put a good bit of thought and effort into their writing and actually manage to produce something that doesn't sound like the drivel of a cranky child (The Linux Hater's Blog immediately springs to mind, although I am a Linux lover).  But there are some people, mostly personal bloggers, that pound out pointless crap for about ten minutes a day and yet somehow manage to get paid quite nicely.

Some deep, inner part of my soul (OK, its mostly just my pride) is pained by the knowledge that someone on the internet is making a tidy sum of money by doing very little. I'll take for example, the so-called most popular blogger in Singapore: Wendy Cheng. Her blog reads as though it were written by a ditzy, hormonal-driven, teenage girl, and yet she makes a goodly sum of money every day, through site sponsoring, just because a surprsingly large number of people enjoy reading her regular tirades and outburts of enthusaism. I've always thought Singaporeans are a bit weird (watch some Singaporean TV shows, spend some time in the city/country, I think you'll agree) but they must be weirder then I thought to enjoy reading Cheng's blog.

Granted, most pro bloggers aren't all as bad as her. But because I'm a mean-hearted, biased bastard, I feel inclined to hate a lot of people. I suppose if I could count myself amongst one of those nicely paid, professional bloggers, I wouldn't be as much of a hater.



I used to think P.E. was the dumbest, most pointless class in existance. Then I took gov. and I was introduced to a whole new world of boredom. Now I'm taking econ. and its quite possibly the most pointless class in existance.

"All right kiddies, today you're going to go to the library and research acid rain, smog, and air pollution! Because, as we all know, air pollution is intrinsically related to economics!"

It is, to say the least, a whole new world of stupid. Only three more weeks of school left...


Econ I Hate Thee

Oh econ! How I abhor thee. Let me count the ways...













I think that pretty much sums it up right there.