failing like never before


A Sonnet for Me

I wrote a rather poor sonnet for an English class in high school, and found it again while I was paging through some of old files stashed away in the recesses of my once beastly huge (lets face it, 250gigs just doesn't cut it anymore) external hard drive.

As I have grown older, I have continued to lament my inability to convey my thoughts clearly. My deficiency is especially clear in the sonnet that follows.

I dreamt today of times long gone and dead,

when land and sea, were yet still great jewels

untainted not by man’s great lust. I fled

to lands still raw, where verdant growth and pools,

yet blue, filléd the earth. When men might live

and quest for love, desiring only true delight

and God. A rawness in the world might give,

a freshness to the life I lead. With might

and not intelligence this world was ruled,

be it by man or beast. Such dreams beyond

the hopes of man have played my mind, and fooled

me with their seemingly glorious sights and sounds.

For only ghosts still know the beauty of the past,

and know if my dreams hold some truth.