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On Being Lazy

I could lie and say that I've been really busy the past two weeks, with rehearsals going from 9AM to 9PM every day, but thats ultimately just another excuse. I've just been far to lazy to post anything on my blog. Oh, I check it regularly and respond to comments and clean out the spam queue, but I just haven't been writing new content. I've got maybe a dozen drafts waiting to be finished, so I think I'll try to bang those into something vaguely readable and push them out in the next few days.

I know laziness is going to be the death of me, and is the reason why I did so badly in my classes the previous year, so I'm going to be making every effort to combate my laziness.

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Things of Note

Things of particular noteworthy significance that occurred today:

  • I shaved for the first time in about three weeks. Another monumental point, is that I now have to buy some new razorblades for the first time in my life; all the rest of the blades that I have ever used were free samples.
  • I threw a racquetball against my door for about twenty minutes while listening to my roommate watch The Office. There is no one alive who can procrastinate as I can.
  • I ate my last granola bar; I am now bereft of snacks so my need to go shopping is now even greater.

I also slept, ate, did homework, studied, and worked on a project for one of my classes. Once again, I did not go to church because of the obscene amounts of work that I had to do.

And that about sums up the amazing adventures of my day.