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Circular Doubly Linked Lists

So a linked list is basically just a bunch of nodes linked together by pointers. In a singly linked list, each node contains a pointer that points to the node in front of it. Whereas in a doubly linked list, each node contains two pointers, one pointing forward and one pointing backwards. In a circular linked list, there is a "dummy node" that acts as a beginning-place-holder, and the list forms a kind of circle (thus the name circular). I realize that this was an extremely abbreviated and hard to understand explanation of what a linked list is. However, this is not meant to be a full explanation behind linked lists, merely a quick introduction to the rest of my post. For a full, in-depth description of linked lists, go here (oh wikipedia, where would we be without you?).

Just like in any other basic computer science class, I had to design and implement a linked list for a project. I also had to include a short write-up along with a little diagram. The diagram, is what this post is all about. Unfortunately, I had some issues getting my lovely ASCII art to display properly using XHTML markup, so heres a screenshot. I better get an 'A' on this project, if not for my awesome programming, then at least for my stellar ASCII representation of a circular doubly linked list