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Enchanted – A Review

While I was home for Christmas break last year (2007), I went to the movies with my friends. The fact that I went to the movies is actually quite noteworthy since I generally go about once a year, if even that. (I find it much more enjoyable to watch a movie on a 22 inch computer monitor in the comfort of my own dorm room, rather then have to keep moving my head to see past some fatty behemoth in front of me while a dumb kid kicks my seat every ten seconds. But I digress...) I had no idea what movie we were going to be seeing, but I went to hang out with my friends.

We saw Enchanted, that happily stupid, Disney movie thats a weird parody of a bunch of old Disney movies. I don't generally keep up with all the new movies coming out, so I wasn't really sure what it was about at first, so my initial reactions were a little something like this:

(Opening credits and then the movie begins with a cartoon.)

Me: Really guys, a cartoon? I just paid money to see a Disney cartoon? OK, the Incredibles and Finding Nemo were pretty cool, but still, someone could have told me. 

(The cartoon continues, showing Giselle building her prince mannequin out of random crap scourged from the forest.)

Me: If this doesn't get any better, I think I may very well leave. Because this is just sad people. We're legal adults, we shouldn't be watching this. Its not like we're even babysitting someone's younger sibling. We're here, sitting in a crowd of little kids and parents watching a Disney cartoon.

(We see Giselle transported to a world without love. Shocker, its our world.)

Me: OK, well maybe its getting a little better.

(Watching Giselle traipse across New York City)

Me: OMFG, somebody fetch me a gun.

(Lemme guess, you're looking for your princess. No, I'm looking for my prince)

Me: OK, so maybe this movie does have some funny parts.

(A few minutes later.)

Me: Nevermind, the bad outweighs the good. WHERE IS THAT GUN?!?!?

(The evil stepmother turns into a giant laughing dragon.)

Me: This is worse then the Eragon movie. ARGHHHHHHHhhhh

So that was my Enchanted review. I hope you all had fun. I happened to just think of writing this because I saw Enchanted again a few days ago when I was on a bus.