failing like never before


Weirdo Student

I'd like to describe a very brief dialogue that went on in my math lecture just this morning (about an hour ago). Mind you, my lecture has about 150 people in it, attendance is not taken and therefore not mandatory. For the sake of space, I shall refer to the weirdo student as WoS from this point forward. 

Prof: (after having explained a new concept) Are there any questions?

WoS: (raises his hand and is called on by the professor) Its more of an aside really, are you going to be letting us out early on Friday? 'Cause I have some business to take care of.

(Seriously, who the hell says, "I have some business to take care of?" Is he referring to Flight of the Conchords? "Its Business time!"  Although I seriously doubt it, WoS doesn't seem to be that kind of a person. Or perhaps WoS just really had to go to the bathroom. Anyway, I digress...)

Prof: If you have to go, just get up and go.

WoS: Oh, but you're such a great professor, I don't want to just leave.

Prof: If you have to go, just go.

At this point the professor continues on with the regular lecture.

I should probably point out, that in these large lectures, it is quite common for students to leave before lecture is over. Professors generally don't mind as long the student is discrete about it.

I'm pretty sure someone whispered that WoS was an asshole, right after the little dialogue was over. I personally would have called him a dumbass, but thats just me. WoS ended up staying for the whole lecture (maybe he peed in a cup) and as people were filing out, he said "OK, who was it that called me an asshole?" and managed to make a complete ass out of himself.

So well done WoS, well done.