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Weekly Biking

Another week, another set of biking stats.

Distance Traveled:12.772 Miles

Max Speed: 28.8 MPH

Average Speed: 12.4 MPH

Time Traveled: 1 hour and two minutes

So I didn't bike nearly as much this week, as twice this past week I walked to class. My average speed for this week was just slightly higher then last week, which is nice to see.

The unfortunate thing about my campus, is that its all hills. The road leading out of campus has a very slight downgrade and so I can average about 26 MPH on it for about ten minutes without a problem, whereas coming back to campus I average only about 18 MPH. The short sprint down to class from my room is all downhill, and so I can coast most of the way down at around 25 MPH, once I hit the main part of campus I have to slow down substantially so that I don't hit people or cars.

Coming back to my room from class is always a trial for me however. When I'm carrying a few books and my laptop, I'm lucky to average eight miles an hour trudging uphill.

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