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Three Weeks in Biking

Distance Traveled: 13.497 miles
Average Speed: 12.9 MPH
Maximum Speed: 31.2 MPH
Elapsed Time: 1 hour, three minutes, and 12 seconds

Distance Traveled: 20.253 miles
Average Speed: 11.8 MPH
Maximum Speed: 31.2 MPH
Elapsed Time: 1 hour, forty-three minutes, and 10 seconds

Distance Traveled: 27.360 miles
Average Speed: 13.5 MPH
Maximum Speed: 31.2 MPH
Elapsed Time: 2 hours, two minutes, and 0 seconds

I really did a number on my two weeks ago. I took a shortcut through some bushes, which as it turned out were obscuring some rather large rocks, and somehow managed to derail my chain off both the front and back gears. After I reset the chain, I then noticed that the right pedal was spinning extremely freely; closer inspection revealed that the pedal was wobbling around on the axle and that the pedal housing was dropping bearings everywhere. When I got my bike back to my room and started to dissemble the pedal in hopes of repairing it, I noticed something quite odd.

It appeared that somehow, in the process of traveling through the bushes, I had managed to slam my pedal straight down into the ground, causing the plastic pedal housing to be pushed towards the bicycle body, which resulted in the pedal housing cracking down the center. Of course, the pedal was entirely non-rideable since putting much pressure on the pedal would make the pedal crack entirely in half.

So now I have a non-ridable bicycle. Go me.


Three Weeks of Biking

Because I've had these numbers on a post-it-note for almost a month now...

Distance Traveled: 16.529 miles
Elapsed Time: 1 hour and 17 minutes
Average Speed: 12.9 MPH
Max Speed: 30.4 MPH

Distance Traveled: 10.18 miles
Elapsed Time: 44 minutes and 39 seconds
Average Speed: 13.7 MPH
Max Speed: 29 MPH

Distance Traveled:  10.692 miles
Elapsed Time: 49 minutes and 51 seconds
Average Speed: 13.2 MPH
Max Speed: 29.7 MPH

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Daily Biking

Numbers from last week...

Elapsed time: 44 minutes and 20 seconds

Distance traveled: 9.542 miles

Average Speed: 12.9 MPH

Max Speed: 28.5 MPH

I guess alot of high schools have been on break the past week, and as a result we've had  a lot of tour groups roaming campus and a lot more cars driving around. Last week, I got pretty fed up with Asian high schoolers and their parents that drive at insanely slow speeds, so I started passing cars on my way to class. Probably not the smartest thing to do since the streets around the campus are single lanes.

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Weekly Biking

Numbers from my bike computer for this past week of riding to class.

Distance Traveled: 9.313 miles

Average Speed: 13.5 MPH

Max Speed: 31.5 MPH

Time Traveled: 41 minutes and 22 seconds

So pretty average stats.

I want a real road bike. I'm not saying my bike is bad (beause its not, I like my antique KHS), I just want a bike that doesn't weigh 32 pounds and have a knocking headset. Sometimes when I have some extra time between classes I like to check out the bikes locked up at a nearby bike rack. Generally, the only bikes I see are antique Schwinn road bikes, shiny Huffy mountain bikes with crap-tastic components, and a few home-made fixies (some of them quite nice) that seem to be all the rage these days. But every now and then I'll see a good road bike thats worth admiring: a Trek 1000 or 1.2,  Giant OCR3, Jamis Ventura Sport, or a Fuji Newest 2.0. On a few occasions, I might see something really expensive, like a full carbon fiber Fuji, or a fancy Scattante racing bike. And seeing a nice road bike just makes me want to get a road bike even more. Unfortunately, I'm not winning to fork over the several hundreds of dollars that I would need to make such a purchase. Still, I like to dream.

Anyways, back to studying. At least my head doesn't feel like its going to explode, like it did last night.

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Weekly Biking

And then this past week's numbers:
Average Speed: 13.4 MPH

Elapsed Time: 52 minutes and 19 seconds

Distance Traveled: 11.643 miles

Max Speed: 32.0 MPH (!!!!)

Thats a new record high max speed for comuting to class (I can and have gone faster before, but this is for going to class)! Although in retrospect, I shouldn't be going that fast when the speed limit is 25 MPH.

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Weekly Biking

I'm a week behind on these numbers. As though anyone actually cares.

Distance Traveled: 12.202 miles

Elapsed Time: 55 minutes and ten seconds

Average Speed: 13.3 MPH

Max Speed: 29.2

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Weekly Biking

I've had this sticky-note with my biking stats for the previous week sitting on my desk for a while now, so here it is:

Distance: 9.634 miles
Average Speed: 13.4 MPH
Max Speed: 28.8 MPH
Elapsed Time: 43 minutes and 10 seconds


Weekly Biking

Distance Traveled: 8.38 Miles

Max Speed: 29.2 MPH

Average Speed: 14.4 MPH

Time Traveled: thirty five minutes

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