failing like never before


Three Weeks in Biking

Distance Traveled: 13.497 miles
Average Speed: 12.9 MPH
Maximum Speed: 31.2 MPH
Elapsed Time: 1 hour, three minutes, and 12 seconds

Distance Traveled: 20.253 miles
Average Speed: 11.8 MPH
Maximum Speed: 31.2 MPH
Elapsed Time: 1 hour, forty-three minutes, and 10 seconds

Distance Traveled: 27.360 miles
Average Speed: 13.5 MPH
Maximum Speed: 31.2 MPH
Elapsed Time: 2 hours, two minutes, and 0 seconds

I really did a number on my two weeks ago. I took a shortcut through some bushes, which as it turned out were obscuring some rather large rocks, and somehow managed to derail my chain off both the front and back gears. After I reset the chain, I then noticed that the right pedal was spinning extremely freely; closer inspection revealed that the pedal was wobbling around on the axle and that the pedal housing was dropping bearings everywhere. When I got my bike back to my room and started to dissemble the pedal in hopes of repairing it, I noticed something quite odd.

It appeared that somehow, in the process of traveling through the bushes, I had managed to slam my pedal straight down into the ground, causing the plastic pedal housing to be pushed towards the bicycle body, which resulted in the pedal housing cracking down the center. Of course, the pedal was entirely non-rideable since putting much pressure on the pedal would make the pedal crack entirely in half.

So now I have a non-ridable bicycle. Go me.